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Cheetah 380i - Basic Remote Alarm/Immobiliser


Cheetah 380i - Basic Remote Alarm/Immobiliser


Optional Functions:


Optional Sensors:

    Central Locking         Glass Breakage    
    Anti-Hijack *         Microwave    
    Boot Release         Ultrasonic    
    Turbo Modification         Shock    
    Window Lift         Tilt    

Meets Australian/New Zealand

              Standards AS/NZS4601-1999              

This system has a high security rating, as there have been no reported thefts of a car with one of our Government Approved Alarm/Immobilisers installed. The Cheetah 380i is self arming (as an immobiliser), has 2 immobilisation circuits and a BRIGHT RED flashing warning light. As required by Standards Australia and the WA Government Approval standards, this alarm has all black wiring and an approved over-ride (so you can't get stranded). You will receive 2 code-hopping multi-function remote controls and indicator/chirp confirmation of the alarm status. This alarm detects entry to all doors as well as providing hot-wire warning with a super loud 128dB siren.

Lifetime Warranty^ Government, RAC and Insurance Approved Category 3.

* Requires Central Locking                           Copyright 2002
^ Conditions Apply                              Action Alarms.